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United Arab Emirates

skinmed RESOLUTIONSTM by BluevertTM is a cosmetic line developed exclusively for the dermatological professionals and aesthetic doctors. Formulated with the most active ingredients and in unique formulas to achieve a synergistic effect. All products are specifically formulated to improve, treat, and maintain the results of aesthetic medical treatments, as well as to prepare the skin before them. In addition, the entire line is enriched with BluevertTM exclusive patented ingredient Plasmarine Active ComplexTM for maximum hydration properties, regenerative and anti-aging effects. PLASMARINE ACTIVE COMPLEXTM is a cellular complex present in marine phytoplankton. A concentrate of two powerful marine microalgae cultivated with exclusive technology in one of the most ground-breaking biotechnological installations in Europe. Formulated with liposomes, this exclusive complex is capable of great epidermic penetration, providing the skin with a full range of active ingredients as fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, DNA, and anti-oxidants. Plasmarine Active ComplexTM is an anti-aging concentrate with anti-wrinkle, hydration, firming, repairing, anti-blemish, calming, and protection proprieties.

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